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UX Design / Prototype / UI Develpment / React JS / Styled Components

Petersen Group


As a UI developer at Technisys in Argentina, I specialized in developing user-centered mobile and web applications using React JS and Styled Components. One of the notable projects I worked on involved revamping an existing application to enhance its design and user interface, with the primary goal of improving the overall user experience.


The main challenge I encountered in this project was the outdated design and user interface of the application, which resulted in low user engagement. The app was not mobile-friendly and lacked optimization for different screen sizes. Additionally, it was not aligned with the branding and colors of the client's organization, leading to a disjointed user experience.


To address these challenges, I took the following steps. Firstly, I conducted a thorough redesign of the application's layout and design, incorporating modern and visually appealing elements. This included updating the color scheme, typography, and overall aesthetic to create a more engaging user interface. Secondly, I implemented responsive design techniques and utilized React JS to optimize the application for various mobile devices, ensuring a seamless user experience across different screen sizes. Lastly, I aligned the app's design and branding with the client's organization, creating a cohesive and consistent visual identity that reflected their brand values.


The implemented solutions had a positive impact on the project. The redesigned application received favorable feedback from users, resulting in increased user engagement and a more enjoyable user experience. The mobile optimization made the app accessible and user-friendly on a wide range of devices, catering to the preferences of modern users. The alignment of the app's design with the client's branding enhanced brand perception and created a more cohesive and professional appearance. Overall, the project successfully transformed the application into a visually appealing and user-friendly platform that met both user expectations and the client's objectives.