Outlaw - Scalio

Frontend / Angular / CSS / Atomic Design



As a frontend developer at Scalio, I had the opportunity to work on an exciting and disruptive project called Outlaw. Outlaw is not just a game, it's a philosophy of defiance and independence. Built by a team of disruptors, hackers, and revolutionaries, Outlaw represents a thrilling and radical new direction in the gaming world. The game is created by a leadership team of category experts with decades of experience across tech, entertainment, fashion, and advertising. The creative crew of writers, game designers, and developers have worked with top global brands, producing world-class animation, feature films, and game projects


The challenge in this project was to develop a frontend interface that would embody the bold and rebellious spirit of Outlaw. The user interface needed to be immersive, engaging, and reflective of the game's philosophy, creating an experience that resonates with the players and draws them into the game world.


In close collaboration with the UX team, we worked together to create a user interface that successfully captured the essence of Outlaw. Leveraging Angular and CSS, and following the principles of Atomic Design, we crafted a frontend that not only met the technical requirements but also prioritized user experience. The interface was designed with intuitive navigation, visually stunning presentations, and seamless interaction in mind.


The result was a compelling and efficient frontend that significantly enhanced the gaming experience for Outlaw players. The interface successfully embodied the spirit of defiance and independence, immersing players in the thrilling world of Outlaw. The collaborative efforts with the UX team ensured that the frontend design aligned with the game's philosophy, delivering an engaging and seamless user experience. This project exemplified the power of teamwork and collaboration in creating a captivating gaming interface.