EY Cloud Risk Monitor - Ernst & Young

UX Design / Prototype / Wireframes

EY Cloud Risk Monitor


As a UX specialist at Ernst & Young, I specialized in designing and developing user-centered web applications with a focus on cloud security. With a deep understanding of user needs and a passion for delivering exceptional user experiences, I collaborated with cross-functional teams to create intuitive and secure digital solutions. I worked closely with product managers and developers to create wireframes, improve existing designs, and introduce new features that enhanced the cloud security application. My expertise in UX design and knowledge of cloud security principles allowed me to create interfaces that prioritize both usability and robust security measures.


One of the significant challenges I encountered in the cloud security project at Ernst & Young was striking a balance between providing advanced security features and ensuring a user-friendly and intuitive interface. It was crucial to develop an application that offered robust security measures while still being accessible and easy to navigate for users. Additionally, translating complex security concepts into user-friendly designs posed a challenge that required careful consideration and collaboration with the development team.


To address these challenges, I conducted extensive user research and collaborated closely with the development team to ensure that the cloud security application met the needs of users while adhering to the highest security standards. I designed intuitive user interfaces, incorporating visual cues and clear instructions to guide users through the application's security features. I worked closely with the development team to implement these designs, ensuring seamless integration between design and functionality.


The implemented solution resulted in an intuitive and secure cloud security application that received positive feedback from users. Users appreciated the clear and accessible interface, as well as the application's robust security measures. The collaborative efforts between the UX team, product managers, and developers at Ernst & Young led to the successful delivery of a user-centered cloud security application that effectively protected sensitive data while providing a seamless user experience.