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Unity / Game Dev / 2D / Infinite Scroller

El viaje de Elax


In the pursuit of bringing a captivating story to life through the medium of mobile gaming, I embarked on the project of creating 'El Viaje de Elax'. This game, based on the book "La odisea de los animales" written by my brother, Leonardo Reale, is an innovative amalgamation of engaging gameplay mechanics and a rich narrative. My challenge was to interpret the essence of the protagonist, Elax, and incorporate it into the gameplay. The game was developed using Unity, a comprehensive game development engine. The project journey was a combination of learning, problem-solving, and creative storytelling.


Developing a mobile game inspired by a book comes with a unique set of challenges. This task required not only an understanding of game development using Unity and C# but also the ability to adapt a complex narrative into a game design. Integrating ads through the Unity Ads SDK added a layer of complexity. Additionally, the game faced compliance issues with the Google Play Store, related to the requirements for apps directed towards families and children.


Overcoming these challenges was a multifaceted process. I had to delve into various online courses to enhance my knowledge of Unity and C# programming. Simultaneously, I had to focus on preserving the essence of Elax's character from the book into the game design and mechanics. I also used AI tools like ChatGPT for coding assistance and MidJourney for generating some game assets. To resolve the Google Play Store compliance issue, I ensured that the Unity and Unity Ads SDK versions were compliant with Google Play's policies. This required updating Unity, verifying the Unity Ads SDK version, and adjusting the Google Play Console settings.


The end result is a fully functioning and engaging mobile game, 'El Viaje de Elax', available now on the Google Play Store here. This game effectively portrays the essence of the protagonist from the book and presents an enjoyable gaming experience to players. The project journey has significantly enhanced my knowledge of Unity, C#, and mobile game development. It also provided practical experience in managing app store policies and SDK integrations. The successful completion of this project demonstrates the potential of AI assistance in modern game development and the power of games as a medium for storytelling.