Connor Consulting - Scalio

Frontend / Angular / CSS / Atomic Design

Connor Consulting


As a frontend developer at Scalio, I was entrusted with the development of the Connor Consulting website, a project that showcased my expertise in Angular and my comprehensive understanding of Atomic Design principles. This project allowed me to leverage my skills to create a scalable, high-performance web application for a leading service provider in contract compliance, software advisory, and governance & compliance. My responsibilities extended beyond Angular development, including handling the website's styling using CSS to ensure an aesthetic and consistent user experience across the platform. For more details about the company and project, you can visit the website here.


Faced with the task of developing a clear, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing UI for Connor Consulting's diverse services, the challenge was creating a responsive, high-performing, and maintainable website that adheres to the company's branding guidelines.


Using Angular and Atomic Design principles, I contributed to the development of a scalable frontend. This approach allowed for efficient construction of the website from reusable components, ensuring consistency and ease of maintenance.


The result was a responsive, intuitive, and visually appealing website that effectively communicates Connor Consulting's services and values. The site has seen improved user engagement and positive feedback on its design and usability. Furthermore, the modular structure has made the site easier to maintain and update, demonstrating the success of the Atomic Design approach in this project.