CMT Digital - Scalio

Frontend / Angular / CSS / Atomic Design

CMT Digital


As a frontend developer at Scalio, I had the privilege to work on a project for CMT Digital, a division of Capital Markets Trading Group. CMT Digital is at the forefront of cryptocurrency trading, blockchain technology investments, and addressing legal and policy issues in this domain. They operate a 24/7 cryptocurrency trading operation and are actively involved in the infrastructure development of the cryptocurrency market​, you can visit the website here.


The main challenge in this project was to develop a frontend system capable of efficiently displaying a wide variety of data related to the trading of more than 50 coins and pairs. The frontend needed to be intuitive, user-friendly, and responsive.


Leveraging the power of Angular and CSS, and following Atomic Design principles, I contributed to the development of an efficient and user-friendly interface for CMT Digital. The frontend was designed with a focus on user experience, making navigation and understanding of data as straightforward as possible.


The outcome was a robust and efficient frontend that significantly enhanced the user experience of CMT Digital's trading operations. It provided users with a reliable and intuitive interface, supporting the company's extensive cryptocurrency portfolio