Buttonwood - Scalio

Frontend / Angular / Atomic Design



As a frontend developer, I had the privilege to work on the Buttonwood project at Scalio. Buttonwood is a collection of DeFi primitives for building powerful decentralized financial instruments such as liquidation-free debt, convertible bonds, options, and fiat-free stablecoins. This project showcased my expertise in Angular and my ability to apply Atomic Design principles to create a scalable and user-friendly web application. As part of the development team, I collaborated closely with designers to ensure the seamless integration of the frontend with the DeFi primitives. My role involved implementing the user interface using Angular, CSS, and Atomic Design principles to ensure a cohesive and consistent user experience. You can explore the website for more information about Buttonwood here.


The main challenge in developing the Buttonwood website was to create an intuitive and responsive user interface that effectively communicated the features and benefits of the DeFi primitives. It was also crucial to design the frontend in accordance with the client's branding guidelines and provide a seamless user experience for navigating the decentralized financial instruments.


To address these challenges, I utilized Angular and applied Atomic Design principles to develop a modular and reusable frontend architecture. This approach facilitated efficient component development and ensured consistency across the website. I worked closely with the UX team to create wireframes and user flows that guided the development process.


The result was a visually appealing and user-friendly website that effectively showcased the capabilities of Buttonwood's DeFi primitives. Users praised the intuitive interface and the seamless integration of various decentralized financial instruments. The application of Atomic Design principles facilitated easy maintenance and scalability of the frontend. The project was well-received by the client and made a significant contribution to the growth of the DeFi ecosystem.