Basemint Gang - Scalio

Frontend / Angular / Lottie / After Effects / CSS / Atomic Design

Basemint Gang


As a frontend developer at Scalio, I had the privilege to work on a project for Basemint Gang that represents an innovative experience in the sprawling metaverse, brought to life by a team of web3 superhero developers, artists, animators, and brand builders​​. This project pushed the boundaries of animation and design as we journeyed alongside the BaseMint Buds, a gang of underdog heroes on a mission to save the metaverse​​. As a frontend developer, I leveraged my expertise in Angular and CSS to build a seamless and immersive user interface. In addition to traditional frontend development, I also had the opportunity to use Adobe After Effects to create striking animations that added depth and dynamism to the user experience. These animations were then implemented using Lottie, an open-source animation library, to ensure smooth playback and integration with the web interface.​ You can visit the website here.


The main challenge was to create a gamified story experience that could engage users and encourage them to participate actively within the community. This was particularly challenging due to the project's scope and the need to balance the integration of various elements such as animated episodes, a custom music soundtrack, hero training, and gamification with rewards​.


To address this challenge, I focused on developing a user interface that was not only visually appealing but also easy to navigate, ensuring that users could easily engage with all the elements of the story and participate in the gamification aspects. By combining Angular with CSS, I was able to create a frontend that provided a seamless and interactive user experience. Furthermore, the animations created with After Effects and implemented with Lottie added an additional layer of engagement, enhancing the overall user experience.


The result was a unique and engaging metaverse experience that has delighted users and sparked a vibrant community of BaseMint Buds. The project has been praised for its innovative approach to storytelling and gamification, with users being able to participate in token-gated episodes and mini-game experiences, earning rewards as they navigate the story​​. The project was also a great testament to the power of combining quality frontend development with dynamic animations to create a truly immersive user experience.